Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Contact Improvisation Workshop

with Karl Frost/Body Research

Saturday May 1, 12-6 and Sunday May 2, 11-2
$120-$250 sliding scale
for more information, contact Cyrus at info (at) phffft.org

Human Contact

…reframing of the art of contact improvisation through diving into subtle level awareness of the physics and neurology of two bodies in contact combined with an open sense of the poetics of human beings encountering each other.

A Release Approach to Contact Improvisation

We increase moment-to-moment functional awareness through tuning into proprioception - our physical experience of the body - allowing for greater ease, speed, and power. Through more sophisticated movement intelligence (as opposed to "muscling through") we find a more dynamic perception in time, informed by our accumulated skills but less hindered by attachment to physical habit. Through releasing patterns of hyper-control, we find dense, rich awareness of and participation in human interaction.

Physical Poetics

We look at our sense of meaning in movement… a sense of the poetics of interaction, whether in kinesthetics and physics or in the poetry of sensation, emotion, and experienced image. We play with holding onto themes and frames of reference in the dance in a sense of collaborative art-making that moves us literally and metaphorically. The art that emerges might be experienced visually in the space, but is rooted in the proprioceptive experience of Human Contact.

About Karl
Karl Frost has been practicing contact improvisation, directing experimental theater, and choreographing contemporary dance works since the 1980s. He is an internationally recognized teacher of contact improvisation and innovator in the field of interactive performance work and has performed and taught in over 25 countries. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Choreography and an MS in Ecology at UC Davis.

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