Monday, August 23, 2010

THE SOMATICS OF CONNECTION: Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation

A Weekend PLAYshop with Nala Walla
so•ma•tic (soh•mah•tick) adj. Of or pertaining to the psycho-biological system [from Greek SOMA: "the living body in its wholeness."]

As the pace of techno-industrial society races ever faster, the needs our bodies are often overlooked, creating disconnection from our own flesh and from our communities. This class reaffirms both our basic rights and our innate capacities to feel our bodies deeply. Through a series of simple exercises and games, we will focus on the sensations of healing connection offered by partnering with breath, with gravity, with earth, and with others.

A deep exploration of fundamentals makes this class suitable for both first-timers seeking basic skills in contact dance, and experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their practice, as well as anyone seeking to feel more "in their body."

Please bring comfortable clothing (no sharp buckles, clasps, zippers or spangles) and a willingness to play.

Somatics of Connection: Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation
Weekend PLAYshop
October 2-3, 2010
Saturday 12-3, Sunday 12-3
LOCATION: Madrona Mindbody Institute, Port Townsend, WA
COST: Sliding scale $85 - $65 for weekend--trades are available (arrange with Nala)
PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: by September 20th at Madrona Mindbody Institute

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Authentic Movement with Susan Baum

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound practice of self-awareness and discovery. Listening to the body, and finding movement from within, we explore the dance of presence, witnessing ourselves and others as awake and open as possible. Find depth and aliveness in and through your body!

Fall/Winter Authentic Movement Groups

Monthly Saturday Group
One Saturday a month, 2:30-5:30pm $270
Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4, Jan 15, Feb 12

In this open level group, we will enter together into self-exploration through the practice of Authentic Movement. Finding our way as movers, we will foster the pathways that enable us to listen internally and allow movement to emerge through our bodies. In time a stronger witnessing presence develops, as we see ourselves and one another in open and compassionate ways. This is a wonderful place to begin if you are new to the practice, or to return to over and over again.

Monthly Sunday Group
One Sunday a month, 11am-2:30pm $300
Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 14, Dec 5, Jan 16, Feb 13

This group is for those with experience in the practice of Authentic Movement, who are interested in deepening connection to self and others. We will move together, witness one another, and keep refining our language that is both expressive and spacious. Over and over we will enter, open, discover and articulate what arises individually and collectively. And by giving over to what is not yet known, we are moved into authenticity, surprise and deep enjoyment.

All groups will be held in Fremont at 226 NW Bowdoin Place. If you would like to register, or for information about Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, contact Susan Baum at (206) 778-9183 or authenticmovement (at) or

Susan Baum MA LMHC is a psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples and groups. Her approach to Authentic Movement is informed by her training in psychology, and her experience as a mover guides her holistic and body-based approach to psychotherapy. Susan brings her warmth and lively spirit to what she does, and provides an attentive and experienced presence that supports meaningful personal work.