Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seattle Contact Improvisation Workshop with Karen Nelson

with Karen Nelson

Sat. Jan. 22 (10am-4pm)
Sun. Jan. 23 (9am-1pm)
Grassroots Studio

The Workshop aims to take the idea of “skill levels” out of the dancing—even if only for this one weekend. What if we approached each partner and improvisation as a completely open, unwritten story? Are we prepared to care for ourselves on such an adventure? How can we learn from everyone we encounter? Drawing from classic principals and skills of contact improvisation, we will explore how we influence each other in the dancing. The workshop is appropriate for both beginning and experienced contact improvisers

Cost: $100-$125 before Jan 10th,
$125-$150 after.
Please write checks to Phffft! Company, Inc.
Mail to 5609 34th Ave. SW, Seattle WA 98126.
Phone: 206.935.0459 - Email: info (at)

KAREN NELSON’s 33-year dance and performance practice has been directly influenced by Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Lisa Nelson and their respective work in Contact Improvisation, Material for the Spine and Tuning Scores, and through collaboration with many others in venues around the world. She co-founded Joint Forces Dance Co, Breitenbush Jam, Dance Ability, Diverse Dance Research Retreat, and the performance group Image Lab among other projects.

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