Monday, September 24, 2012

New Year Dance Retreat with Karen Nelson

Dec 28 - Jan 1
Hanna Barn Studio, Vashon Island, Washington

What brings new energy?

The purpose of this retreat is to rest and revitalize through meditation, dancing, living and cooking together as we cross thru the dark into a new calendar year. Practices we will use include Contemplative Dance Practice, Contact Improvisation, Material for the Spine, Tuning Scores, and Embodied Life/Feldenkrais-derived guidance.

In teaching, Karen Nelson offers practices that she has passionately studied, taught, practiced and performed for over 35 years, including: 

  • Material for the Spine, a movement system developed by Steve Paxton involving sensations of the skeleton, reflex, inherent spirals of human movement, perfect forms, energy extension and relationship with gravity; 
  • Tuning Scores, developed by Lisa Nelson are activities based in sensation/perceptual awareness and provide tools for crafting composition within improvisation; 
  • Embodied Life, a singular fusion of Feldenkrais approach, zen-style meditation and "embodied listening-speaking/focusing" developed by Russell Delman; 
  • Contact Improvisation originated by Steve Paxton and others in 1972, a foundational movement technique -- a boon to any dancer or person who enjoys moving;
  • Contemplative Dance Practice, Qi Gong/Shibashi, meditation.

Contact Karen with any questions about the retreat:
heartgreen (at)
Dec 28, 6pm through Jan 1, 1pm
3 sessions per day + evening inventions

Facilities include a beautiful dance room, an upstairs dorm sleeping and eating room, a garage kitchen for cooking communal meals. 
Each of us will bring food and take turns cooking for the group. We will share chores for upkeep of our space.

The Island provides lovely beaches and forested walks, a health club with sauna and swimming, public bus service to and from our site, good food shops/farms, and more.

Suggested donation:
$250 + food offerings with registration before Dec 1
$300  + food offerings with registration  after Dec 1

To register:
send a note of intention
plus a $50 deposit to
Karen Nelson, 18422 103rd Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070
>>group size is limited to around 11<<
Full time only please.
Open to all levels of experience.

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