Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seattle Contact Improv Workshop with Karl Frost

The Human Contact Project
with Karl Frost
director of Body Research

Seattle, WA
February 28 - March 1, weekend workshop
March 2-4, extended workshop moving into performance research

The Human Contact Project explores the improvisational play of human contact, developing deeper sensitivities to physical detail and a sense of the poetic play of human encounter.

We look afresh at the art of contact improvisation, asking what is happening in a moment, what are the physical possibilities open to us, and what is the feeling that drives us.

We increase moment-to-moment functional awareness through tuning into proprioception - our physical experience of the body - allowing for greater ease, speed, and power. Through releasing patterns of hyper-control, we find dense, rich awareness of and participation in human interaction.

We look at our sense of meaning in movement… a sense of the poetics of interaction, whether in kinesthetics and physics or in the poetry of sensation, emotion, and experienced image.

We explore these through exercises and through an approach to the contact jam that actively invites in the sense of the collaborative poetic as well as layered awareness of self/other/group.

Fees: $150 - $250 sliding scale for the weekend and $300 - $500 for the Full 5 day workshop. Early registration discount for registration received by February 14 -- $120 for the weekend and $240 for the week.

To register, send deposit ($50 for the weekend/$75 for the 5 days) to Karl Frost 6547 Whitney St, Oakland, CA 94609 or paypal to

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