Friday, October 1, 2010


Dance Art Group / Movement Arts Research
Thursdays 6:15-8:15pm
Velocity Dance Center, 1621 12th Avenue, Kawasaki Studio
$15/class; series discounts; drop-ins and all experience levels welcome
Info at Dance Art Group

DAG/MAR features weekly classes in improvisation, performance, creative process and composition, contact improvisation, somatic education, New Dance techniques and other dance realms, with a different local teacher/topic each month.


This workshop is about developing tools towards solo performance. Together we'll gather a set of questions, propositions and obstructions. (What if dance is simply being deeply physically engaged in the world? What if we can bring to our performance everything we are, do and know?) We'll improvise, write, experiment and develop strategies for organizing our materials. We'll look for the performance in life and the life in performance. By the time this workshop is over, you will have acquired new tools to engage deeply in your own questions and to observe the poetic systems at play in your work. Drop-ins possible but committing to the entire month is preferred.

Tonya Lockyer is a generator of performance -- solo, collaborative, improvised and otherwise -- a writer and dance artist who has worked around the world; a teacher committed to liberating students into their own direction. "I work interdisciplinarily but dance is always at stake in my work. I am committed to asking questions (personal, social, cultural...) about who we are and what it means to live in the world. I investigate how movement acts on us, and how we impact the world through our actions and presence." Tonya is on the faculty of Cornish College of the Arts and holds an MFA with a focus on Live Art and Choreographic Culture since 1950.

Coming in November: Jean Hindle

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